With the development of new methods and applications, it is now possible to have a natural hair transplant. After the surgery and recovery time, your hair will look like you have never experienced hair loss. Since the results are this successful, patients are going for hair transplant.

In the past, hair transplant was a painful and challenging operation. There were significant scarring and patients were afraid to have surgery. Also, it was hard to go back to daily life after the operation. But things have changed with advancements in the hair transplant field.

How Will My Hair Look Like After Natural Hair Transplant?

People are still anxious about whether natural hair transplant is possible. Well, it is. This doubt is due to myths of the old hair transplant method. However, these are all in the past. Doctors are now applying hair transplant methods with almost no scarring.

When a talented and experienced doctor and the team are selected for a hair transplant, the results will be natural. It will be almost impossible to know that a person had a hair transplant operation. Doctors implant hair according to hair growth direction. For this reason, implanted hair looks natural and blends in with existing hair.

Can Someone Understand I Had Hair Transplant?

If you don’t tell anyone that you are having a hair transplant, it is almost impossible to understand whether it is your natural hair or natural hair transplant. Your relatives and friends will notice the difference since they know that you were experiencing hair loss.

But when you meet a friend from old days who remembers you with hair and has never seen you with your hair loss condition, s/he will think that you took care of your hair very well. After all implanted hair grows, your hair will look as if you never experienced hair loss.


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