Hair transplant operation is extremely popular among men who want their old hair back. So, many people are searching for expert and affordable clinics and doctors for this operations. One of the main questions is how much is the hair transplant cost?

Well, it depends. Hair transplant sector is global. Currently, different companies are working on offering hair transplant package tours under health tourism. And this type of tourism is generating important revenue for various countries. However, each country offers different prices depending on the cost of the doctor, cost of operation, and the cost of accommodation.

How Much Is The Hair Transplant?

As we have said, a hair transplant operation has different costs in different countries. There is no exact answer for how much is a hair transplant cost question. But to give some idea, let’s look at some estimated prices for different countries.

The U.S. and many European countries are offering expensive options. Prices in these countries change between $10.000 – $20.000. In countries like Turkey, the operation may cost between $1.000 – $2.500. These difference are caused by hotel costs and general hospital costs. For these differences, many people from different countries chose Turkey for hair transplant operations.

What Determined the Price of the Operation?

There are different factors affecting the price of the operation. For example, if a patient requests hotel and airport transfer, the price will change accordingly. But if you are having the operation in your own city, there won’t be such expenses.

Also, health sector prices change from country to country. The U.S. and many European countries have high health bills. So, the operation is generally more expensive. But in countries like Turkey, the costs are rather low due to low hospital expenses. What is more, hair transplant is now offered as packages. So this way, the prices are relatively low and affordable for many people.


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