There are different factors to be considered before hair transplant surgery. Some of these factors determine whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Everyone who is having this surgery has high hopes to get their voluminous hair back. But this might not be achieved in every case.

There are few factors that make a patient a good candidate. The success rate of good candidates increases. When suitable hair transplant methods are applied to good candidates, it is possible to enjoy natural-looking voluminous hair. If you are wondering about whether you fit to these criteria, just check out the list below.

Hair Loss Level

One of the most important criteria that determine whether you are a good candidate is your hair loss level. Doctors evaluate hair loss levels based on Norwood Scale. This scale has 7 different hair loss types. Depending on your hair loss level, your doctor will tell you if you are a good candidate.

In most cases, if you are class 3 or higher on this scale, you are considered a good candidate for a hair transplant. If your hair loss is below this level, your doctor will recommend you wait for a while. This way, your doctor can prevent premature hair transplant and any negative issues related to it.

Stabilised Baldness

If your baldness is stabilized, you are considered a good candidate for the operation. Stabilized baldness means, you are no longer experiencing hair loss. This is important in many ways. If you experience hair loss after the operation, there might be gaps between transplanted hair and your original hair. This caused an unattractive look. And it is hard to correct this problem. So, doctors prefer to operate on patients with stabilized baldness.

Hair Loss Due to Trauma or Burn

Some women and men might experience burns due to trauma or burns. In these cases, blood circulation in the region is still there. But there are no hair roots to grow. So, when new hair is transplanted, this new hair will start to grow in this region.

Hair Loss Due to Aesthetic Operations

In both men and women, certain aesthetic operations such as facelift might cause hair loss. This hair loss occurs above the ears and can lead to an unattractive look. As in the case of traumas and burns, there is still blood circulation in this area. So, the transplanted hair will have strong roots and grow over time.


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