You immediately want to find a solution when you experience hair loss. Baldness occurs in both men and women. And it is linked with varied factors. However, present medication science offers you an answer. PRP treatment can help you to have stronger hair.

Of program, you’ve got your questions regarding this method. Well, this is not surgery. Unlike hair transplant, you do not need to have an operation. It is one of the aesthetic treatments. And the purpose is to make your thin hair stronger. So, this method does not grow new hair. It only increases the strength of the existing one.

Plasma Hair PRP Treatment

Plasma hair PRP treatment is applying the patient’s own blood to the scalp. In fact, it is more like injecting. Our blood has a healing power that is amazing. If we utilize our bloodstream correctly, we are able to stimulate blood supply in our scalp. This higher blood circulation can nourish weak roots of hairs.

Basically, platelet-rich plasma treatment is about stimulating short and poor hair roots. These weak roots that are existing develop stronger over time. This therapy is applied in sessions. The number of sessions can be determined by hair characteristics and the patient’s needs. After each session, outcomes can be seen between 4-6 months. After 4 months, weak hair origins will begin to grow. Also, existing hair follicles will be more powerful.

Stronger and Natural Looking Hair

PRP treatment works amazing for weak hair roots. This will stimulate the scalp. And the benefits of this treatment are more than just hair. There are more specialized applications like facial PRP. So, PRP is used in different fields of beauty and aesthetics.  

This treatment is planned in session. You need to complete all sessions for the maximum benefit. Generally, 4 or 6 sessions of PRP is sufficient. Also, you need to wait for 6 months to see actual results.


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