Each day, cosmetics surgery is finding new ways to make patients happier. And these things are more popular in hair transplant. So, new hair transplant technologies can greatly benefit to patients. This way, they can have lower recovery time and better results with their new hair.

New Hair Transplant Technologies

Like a great many other field, there are great advancements in hair implant field. Doctors are finding  new hair transplant technologies to satisfy their patients. And these new technologies often benefit to patients in many ways. Generally, these advancement aims for higher hair transplant success rate and no scarring.

Slit Hair Implant

Slit hair implant is one of methods commonly utilized  by health practitioners. In this method, hair grafts extracted with FUE hair extraction technique. Then, these grafts are implanting into canals in bald area. These canals are opened with surgeon’s blade. This process requires preciseness and expertise. This method is ideal for individuals with moderate to severe hair loss.

Sapphire Implant

Another implant method is called FUE Sapphire. This method can be regarded as the more advanced version of Slit. Again, hair grafts are extracted with FUE technique. However  in this method, unique diamond edged blades are used for canal opening. These are different than surgeon’s blade. This blade ensures higher accuracy and faster recovery. This method is ideal for moderate to severe hair loss.

DHI or CHOI Pens

DHI or also known as CHOI Pens is one of the new hair transplant technologies. In this technique, both hair removal and hair implanting are done with similar operation device. While there is no need to open canals, this method as restriction. The number of hair grafts that can be collected in one operation is limited with 2000 to 2500. So, this method is ideal for mild to moderate hair loss. Other methods should be selected for more severe cases.


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