Hair loss can be a very big problem. And this problem often decreases overall self-confidence level. In most cases, men experience hair loss or baldness problem than women. But this problem is also common among women. FUE hair transplant is one of the solutions to fight against hair loss and baldness.

Before deciding on the surgery, it is important to known the steps of this operation. Steps in FUE hair transplant are in fact simple and easy. You can start to enjoy your new hair in no time. And most of the time, the procedure is pain free. So, let’s check the basic steps for your new hair transplant operation.

Cutting the Hair for Operation

You need to cut your hair to have hair transplant. This is the preparation step before the hair transplant operation. Patients will need to have a hair cut to grade 1. Longer hair than grade 1 will prevent the doctor. So, for FUE hair transplant, the hair must be as short as possible.

In case of hair transplant to a smaller area, there is no need to shave the whole head. It is possible to shave the small area. So, patients will not need to have grade 1 hair. Only the hair in the operation area will be cut.

Application of Anaesthesia

After cutting the hair, doctor applies anaesthesia. This is an important thing in hair implant operation. In this operation, local anaesthesia is sufficient. Doctor will apply the anaesthesia medication with needles. This medication is injected to different parts of the head.

Local anaesthesia will prevent patients to feel any pain during FUE hair transplant. So, when this anaesthesia is applied, patient will be ready for the operation. After this step, the doctor will start the operation. There is no other preparation step before the operation.


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