Hair transplant sector is growing rapidly around the world. Around the world, there are various studies and application to discover new methods. One of these methods is PRP hair treatment. Also known as platelet-rich plasma, this method is a bit different than traditional hair transplant method. This treatment consists of plasma transfer rather than hair follicle transplant In this technique, the blood of the patient is transplanted to the scalp rather than a hair graft. Let’s see how this procedure is applied.

How Is PRP Method Applied?

PRP injection is different than other treatments. Because PRP is not a hair transplant method but a serum treatment. In this method, blood is taken from the patient. The blood is generally taken from arm like normal blood donation process. Then, this blood sample is placed in a centrifuge machine. Blood stays in this machine for about 10 minutes.

In the centrifuge process, the blood is divided into three parts: platelet-rich plasma which is used in the PRP method, platelet poor plasma, and red blood cells. After centrifuge, platelet-rich plasma is separated. This plasma is places inside a special device. Then, using this device PRP is applied to the area with hair loss. All affected areas of the scalp are injected with this plasma.

Is This Method to Promote Hair Growth?

Mainly, the aim is to promote hair growth with this platelet-rich plasma. There are certain studies showing that this method has successful applications. This treatment is applied in a couple of sessions. 2-3 sessions will be enough to stimulate hair growth.

It is believed that this blood plasma promotes hair growth in areas with hair loss. Yet, this method is still in infancy and needs more research. In the meantime, different clinics and hospitals are offering this treatment to prevent hair loss. And there are happy patients with successful results. If you are considering other alternatives to hair transplant, you may evaluate PRP option as well.


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