During the after hair transplant phase, more than one situation arises that the patient should pay attention to. In this process, extra attention should be paid to the care of the hair transplant area. It is important to take some precautions for washing the hair during the after hair transplant period. It will be enough to apply what you are told while taking a shower within the scope of after hair transplant care.

After Hair Transplant Process

It is very important to follow the recommendations of the specialist physician during the hair transplant before and after process. In particular, you must follow the advice given to you for a positive result of the hair transplant treatment. It is important to pay attention to some recommendations offered by the specialist physician for the hair transplant recovery phase to pass easily. At the beginning of these recommendations, there is no doubt that the action of washing the hair after the treatment comes.

after hair transplant

How to Wash Your Hair After Hair Transplant?

Washing hair during the after hair transplant phase is one of the most important issues to be considered. It will also be possible to get through this process more easily by following the recommendations in the after hair transplant procedure.

It is possible to start washing hair approximately 3 – 4 days after the hair transplant treatment. For this, of course, you need to wait for the day specified by your specialist doctor. It is also important to be gentle in the hair washing process and to use the products recommended by the doctor.

A few days after the hair transplant treatment, the hair follicles will still not be fully settled. That’s why you should avoid damaging the hair follicles while washing your hair. In particular, the crusting that occurs on the scalp should be removed for a healthier attachment of the hair follicles. For this, it will be sufficient to follow the recommendations of the specialist physician.


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