What Is Best Hair Transplant Method?

When patients are considering hair transplant, they want to choose the best hair transplant method. However, in reality, it is hard to talk about the best method. This is because each patient has different properties. And for this reason, while one method is the best for one patient, the same method may not be the best for another.

How Can I Choose Best Hair Transplant Method?

Patients need to consult professionals to choose the best hair transplant method. After a detailed examination, doctors will recommend a suitable method. During the examination, some criteria are considered to choose the hair transplant method. These criteria include:• Level of hair loss• Type of hair loss• Hair characteristics

If a patient has mild or moderate hair loss, the required number of hair grafts will be lower. Also, if the patient is a woman, it would be best not to shave all the hair during the operation. Therefore, the direct hair implant (DHI) method will show better results.

I Have Severe Baldness? Can I Have Hair Transplant?

As long as you have hair at the back of your head, there is always a chance. But the exact answer to this question can always be given by the doctor. Without seeing the condition of the patient, it would be incorrect to make any comments. Doctors experienced in hair transplant areas will make the correct recommendation based on hair type of the patient.

Does All Hair Implant Methods Produce Same Results?

After having hair transplant operation, your hair will start to grow. Within one year after the operation, hair growth will be complete. The results of hair transplant operation are permanent. In most cases, it is possible to achieve a natural-looking hairline. When the full hair growth process is complete, it will be impossible to differentiate your natural hair from implanted hair.


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