The procedure after hair transplant is as important as the operation itself. No matter how talented and skilled the doctor is, aftercare plays an important role. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure. Therefore, patients need some time for recovering. In this period, there are certain things to care about. Each period requires a different procedure.

1 Week After Hair Transplant

1 week after hair transplant is the most important period. Here, patients avoid any extreme physical activities. In addition to that, patients need to protect their new implanted hair from any impact. Another important thing in this period is about eating and drinking. Patients must avoid consuming alcohol. Also, eating healthy can speed up the recovery process. Quitting smoking is recommended both before and after the operation.

In the first week, patients will use certain medications. These medications are necessary to prevent any infections. In addition to anti-biotics, doctors might prescribe pain killers to reduce the discomfort. When these pain killers are taken, patients do not feel any discomfort after the operation.

1 Month After Hair Transplant

1 month after hair transplant is an important period. After 1 month, the patient can experience shock loss. When hairs fall with shock loss, patients often feel concerned. Actually, this is normal. New implanted hair will fall. But after 4 to 6 months, new hair will start to grow in these regions. For about 30 to 45 days, patients need to avoid swimming in the pool and sea. This is important to protect new hair implants from chemicals and salt.

1 Year After Hair Transplant

After 1 year, new hair will completely grow. Patients can now enjoy their new and full hair. In some cases, full hair growth might take up to 1,5 years. In this process, it is important to keep calm and take care of your hair.


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