Turkey is a rising star in hair transplantation. Affordable prices and high-quality service are the two components in Turkey. Patients are looking for best hair transplant clinic in Turkey to have their operation.

With hundreds of options in Turkey, choosing the best clinic can be a challenging job. There are lots of reviews about different clinics. Patients who want to have the operation need to search for real patient reviews. To do that, there are websites that only share real patient reviews.

Turkey for Hair Transplant

An increasing number of patients are choosing Turkey for hair transplant. Since there is the chance to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, patients all over the world are coming to this country. Compared to other countries, hair transplant prices are affordable in Turkey.

For example, a simple hair transplant operation in the US or England can go up to $20,000. But it is possible to have the operation and visit the country for less money. In general, hair transplant in Turkey costs between $8,000-2,000. Also, the price could be cheaper if the most basic service is preferred. Prices are different between cities. In big cities like İstanbul, hair transplant prices are higher.

Estenbul – Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you need to check Estenbul Health Clinic. Estenbul is located in İstanbul. This clinic offers world-class hair transplant services. In addition to hair transplants, there are other treatments such as PRP hair. Also, it is possible to get a beard transplant, mustache transplant, and eyebrow transplant in this clinic.

The professional and expert team of the clinic works hard to turn this amazing journey into the best experience. Over the years, happy patients of Estenbul show the high-quality work of this clinic and the doctors.


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