People who want to have hair transplant often wonder if they are a good candidate. There are few questions you need to answer. These answers will show if you are suitable for a hair transplant. Hair loss can occur due to various reasons. It is important to know the real reason. In some cases, basic medication treatment can treat hair loss. So, in these cases, patients often do not need hair transplant.

Skin Disease

Some hair loss occurs due to skin diseases. Your scalp can get an infection. Or you might experience other skin diseases like fungus. In either case, you need to visit a doctor to know the real cause of your problem. If your hair loss is caused by a skin disease, you need to treat this disease before considering hair transplant. In most cases, treating the disease will stop hair loss. Then, your hair will start to grow again.


Stress is a major cause that leads to hair loss. Stress in our daily life can have adverse effects. Work stress or stress at our home will cause our body to react. In some people, this reaction is hair loss. It is important to reduce or completely eliminate stress to end hair loss.

Hairline Receding

The most common hair loss problem is receding hairline. This is commonly seen in men. Often, a receding hairline is caused by genetics. In this case, the only solution to treat this problem is hair loss. Receding hairline is highly common. So, hair transplant doctors are skilled to reconstruct natural hairlines.

Hair Thinning

Another common problem is hair thinning. This problem is commonly seen among women. Thinning can occur due to malnutrition or environmental conditions. In either case, hair fails to get the necessary nutrition. In this case, PRP hair treatment can be a good option to increase the strength of hair.


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