Baldness and hair loss are one of the problems that affect many people both physically and psychologically. Hair loss may be regional or affect all hair. Hair transplantation is one of the most effective ways to combat hair loss. There are different hair transplantation center Istanbul that offers a solution to hair loss.

There are different reasons that cause hair loss. While some of these reasons can be treated with medication, other needs an operation.

Hair Loss Reasons

Hair loss can occur for many reasons. In some cases, hair loss can be caused by skin diseases. A disease known as hair breaker causes regional hair loss. In addition, blood circulation problems may prevent hair follicles from feeding, causing hair loss. In such cases, the underlying cause must first be determined. At a later stage, this problem needs to be treated. External factors or disease-induced hair loss improve after treatment.

On the other hand, hair loss, known as male pattern shedding, is usually caused by genetic factors. Hair loss is the only solution for such loss. The type of hair loss can be determined after the examination. You can consult to your hair transplantation center Istanbul to learn more.

Hair Transplantation Center Istanbul

Hair transplantation center Istanbul offers a unique hair transplantation experience. You can choose among these centers to have your operation. You need to be careful about some steps after the operation. When you are careful about them and choose the best hair transplant center in Istanbul, you will have successful results.

After the operation, patients can return to normal life after approximately 3 days. One day after sowing, the patient’s hair is washed by a specialist team in the clinic. During the washing procedure, the patient is informed about the procedure. It is generally recommended to rest for the first 3 days to prevent adverse conditions such as infection.


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