Do you want to learn all about hair implant? Do you want to understand every detail about this process? Now, we are going to describe everything to you. When you finish reading this article, you will know everything about hair implant. Hair loss and baldness could be extremely negative conditions for everyone. Losing your hair and seeing some bald areas on your head is frustrating. within the past, depilation and hair loss was your destiny. But now, you can permanently change this with hair implant.

Actually, the entire hair transplant operation consists of two main steps: these steps are hair extraction and hair implant. However, when it comes to extraction and implant, there are completely different ways. For this reason, there is plenty of complicated info concerning hair transplant operations. once you scan this text, you’ll see that the entire method is easy and straightforward to grasp.

Extraction Step of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant operation begins with hair extraction step. During the extraction process, hair roots are collected in the form of hair grafts. Each graft can have 1 to 3 hair roots. The doctor can collect hair grafts from the back of your head.  

There are two hair extraction methods: FUE – vesicle unit extraction and FUT – follicular unit transplant. In the past, when all these hair transplant started, FUT was the only way to extract hairs. Presently, FUT is abandoned by the doctors. Instead, FUE methodology is that the standard method for hair extraction. FUE enables effective hair grafts collection. Another benefit of this method is leaving no scar on the scalp.

Implanting Step of Hair Transplant

The second step of the hair transplant method is known as implanting step. Slit, FUE Sapphire and DHI are common hair implanting methods. Slit and Sapphire are similar and these methods need special channels for implanting. Collected hair grafts are implanted into carefully opened channels.

But in DHI, hair roots are collected with a special pen. This special pen is called the CHOI pen. Also, the CHOI pen is also used in implanting step. Since both extraction and implanting are done with the same tool, this methodology is named direct hair transplant. Your doctor can select the foremost appropriate hair implanting methodology for you.


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