FUE hair transplant is highly popular among doctors and patients. Naturally, there are lots of questions about this operation. There is often a misconception in a hair transplant operation. In fact, FUE – follicular unit extraction – is expressed as a hair extraction method. This term has lost its meaning. Now, the entire hair transplant process is known as FUE hair transplant.

Hair transplant consists of hair extraction and hair implanting steps. FUE Slit hair transplant or FUE Sapphire hair transplant is the general name given to these operations. Slit and Sapphire have similar hair implant methods. These hair implant techniques are combined with FUE to implant new hair.

FUE Hair Transplant Steps

As we have said, FUE hair transplant has two steps. The back of the head is called the donor area. Hair roots which are called grafts are collected from this region. Hair roots can be extracted from other regions. However, this is extremely rare. The back of the head is preferred as this part offers the strongest hair roots. Hair roots need to be strong enough to resist hair transplant operations.

How Hair Transplant Can Help?

FUE hair transplant will offer some benefits to patients. One of the most important benefits is in terms of psychological health. Hair loss lowers the self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals. Hair transplant offers a permanent solution to this problem. After hair growth, the self-esteem levels of individuals significantly increase. Generally, patients feel highly confident after 1 year. Also, patients will have natural-looking hair.

Another advantage of the FUE method is faster recovery. Since there is no suturing, the donor region will recover faster. Also, the recipient area will recover faster compared to old methods.  What is more, patients can go back to their normal life in just 3 days. This is a huge benefit as most people must go back to their work. When all these are considered, an FUE transplant is a good option to permanently eliminate hair loss.


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