There is a general misconception about FUE hair transplant. People often believe that FUE is the entire hair transplant process. But this is not true. Actually, follicular unit extraction is the hair extraction step. This is one of the two steps of the operation.

Hair transplant consists of hair extraction and hair implanting stages. The most common hair extraction method is FUE. But this method is combined with a suitable hair implant as well. Hair implant methods are Slit and Sapphire.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

In FUE hair transplant, hair roots called hair grafts are extracted and implanted. This process requires experience and expertise. Both hair extraction and hair implant must be completed with great care. This determines the success of the operation.

In this operation, local anesthesia is applied to the donor region and transplant region. This way, patients do not feel any pain during the operation. All hair grafts are collected one by one. Then, these grafts are kept in a special solution. This special solution cleans the remaining tissues on the hair grafts.

When hair grafts are kept in solutions, channels are opened to the recipient area. These channels are necessary to place hair roots. At this point, the experience and expertise of the doctor play an important role. Then, hair roots are placed in the channels. Wounds are dressed and FUE hair transplant is completed.   

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery

In fact, patients can go back to their daily lives after three days. But it is better to avoid any challenging activities for the first week. Patients need to avoid lifting heavy loads. Also, sexual intercourse is forbidden for the first week.

For faster recovery, doctors recommend quitting smoking. Smoking has a negative effect on newly transplanted roots. Also, reducing alcohol consumption can contribute to faster recovery. A healthy lifestyle after an FUE hair transplant will increase success of this operation.


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