You have decided to have a follicular unit extraction (FUE) operation. But do you realize just what this operation is? Or how it really is done? And does this procedure provide permanent outcomes? Hair transplant is becoming one of the most operations that are popular to solve hair thinning problems. Every year, increasing numbers of people are selecting this operation. So this way they can have their shiny hair back. FUE is the most common method to solve the locks loss problem. However, there are additionally other hair transplant methods. In the past, before the FUE process, the follicular hair transplant (FUT) method was applied. But with present developments, the FUT method is entirely abandoned by physicians.

Comparing Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT

In the follicular unit extraction technique, hair roots called grafts are collected. These grafts are collected from the part that is the back of the head. Hair in certain areas is the strongest. And these hair resist hair thinning. So, it is important to collect hair from there. After this step, the next step is implanting. Collected roots are implanted Meanwhile Slit, Sapphire implant methods, or CHOI pens can be selected depending on the procedure.

FUT has low success than FUE. And moreover, FUT is no longer practices. Because the FUT method will leave permanent scars. In addition to that, the success of this procedure isn’t guaranteed. For that reason, FUT is seldom applied. However, FUE hair extraction has results that are successful make almost no scarring. Consequently, numerous clients feel happier and there’s less pain linked with the operation.

Is Follicular Unit Extraction a Solution for Good?

FUE method is much better than the old and painful FUT technique. A very essential advantage is FUE has a greater success rate than FUT. There is almost no scarring. And recovery is faster than the old method. Additionally, the follicular unit extraction method has results that are permanent greater success rates. What this means is, when you have the FUE procedure, the hair shall grow and hair growth will continue. Nevertheless, FUT can be old-fashioned very nearly disappeared in entire hair transplant industry.


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