Does Hair Transplant Cost per Graft Change?

Patients that decide to have a hair transplant often ask how much will the transplant cost. Hair transplant costs depend on the number of grafts to be implemented. Generally, hair transplant cost per graft depends on various factors. 

Cost per graft in hair transplant determines the overall cost of the operation. The first thing that makes a difference in the cost is the country selection. Most of the time, the U.S. and some European countries have a higher cost per graft for hair transplant operations. This is caused by higher medical costs associated with the operation.

What Is Graft?

Graft or also known as hair follicles. These grafts are collected from the back of the head. This area is called the donor area. This part of the scalp has the most resistant hair compared to other parts of the head. Therefore, this hair is preferred during hair transplantation.

Hair grafts generally contain 1 to 3 hair strands. When transplanted, these grafts also produce 1 to 2 hair strands. Although under an ideal scenario, all implanted grafts should produce hair, this is not always possible. So, doctors selected suitable graft numbers depending on the needs of the patient.

How Much Is Hair Transplant Cost per Graft?

Hair transplant cost per graft will depend on the country. Generally, in the U.S. or European countries, hair transplant costs can range between $5.000 and $20.000. However, in countries like Turkey, the cost of the operation may change between $1.000 and $10.000.

The cost associated with hair transplant depends on medical expenses. Also, when a higher number of hair grafts are collected and implanted, the cost of the operation will increase. Depending on the level of hair loss, a minimum of 500 grafts is applied. the number of grafts can go up to 2.000. On average, prices per grafts range between $5 and $9. However, to get the most accurate prices, patients should consult with their doctors.


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